"ONE OF A KIND!"                                                                 "MORALLY CHALLENGING"                                                          "MESMERIZING"


"REMARKABLE"                                                                   "A LUCID DREAM"                                               "MONOMANIACAL PRECISION"


"MORE THAN EYE CANDY"                                               "HAUNTINGLY ETHEREAL"                                                                        "QUIRKY"


"Four stars!  Every piece of Christina's leaves us gasping for more!"   -Bob Schultz -President of ScriptFest America, Screenwriter & Extra-Who-Assisted-Stunt-Double-on-Trampoline in Zombie Strippers 

"Artistic integrity & purity of vision hidden behind a wall of public self-effacement."   -Jim Woodward -Student, Father & Sound-Man-for-Popes-Visit-to-Philadelphia-Cathedral 2015

"Completely original, seminal, one of a kind."   -Karen Bernardo -Writer, Librarian & Infectious-Laugher

"Breath stopping!"   -Kathleen Kramer -Poet

"Remarkable in its seeming simplicity, grounded in fine attention to detail."   -Rose Zonetti -Massage Therapist, aspiring writer & Hopeful-Ex-Pat-to-Australia

"Christina's work is a visual marvel, yet it is more than eye candy.  It engages several senses and the contents of your cranium!"   -Matt Yarrow -Service Analyst & understated-filmmaker, photographer & rock video director-dabbler

"An experience that feels like your fist kiss. Compelling, titillating and morally challenging.  An astonishing body of work."   -Anonymous

"Like confidentially navigating a lucid dream, Coleman's work transports you t o a world of harmonious counter-points- a world where the narrative is both organic & masterfully directed."   -Drew Hoffman -Radio Host of 'The Slow Drift', Technical Writer & Co-Watcher-of-All-Tennis-Grand-Slams

"Runs the gamut from playful whimsy to monomaniacal precision."   -Danielle Norman -Arts Specialist with Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Mother & Christina's-True-Blue-Friend-Always

"Exacting in detail and expansive in feel... mesmerizing."   -Alex Caton -Musician, Ex-Archaeologist & Quoted-as-Being-The-"Goddess of the Strings"

"Minimalistic & hauntingly ethereal.  Christina is truly gifted & ghosted."   -Dr. Joyce Oates -Assistant Teaching Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University (in Qatar!)

"A unique artist who marries quirky and contemplative!"   -Anonymous